AMANDA standard

Power Output
9,1 kW / 4,4 kW
90,3 % ~ 91,2 %
Estimated Heating Space
250 m3
97x46x53 cm


Pellet Burning
Designed to burn pellet.

Vermiculite Insulation
The insulation of the appliance is achieved with the use of vermiculite.

The appliance has the ability to understand the parameters of the house in order to heat it more efficiently saving fuel and time.

Preignition Check
Safety check before ignition.

Easy Clean
Easy mechanical way to clean the burner.

Automatic Cleaning
The appliance has the ability to automatically clean it’s burner.

Overheat Thermostat
The appliance has a safety thermostat for the prevention of overheating.

Room Thermostat
The room thermostat determines the function of the appliance according to the desirable temperature.

Remote Thermostat
The appliance has the ability to connect to a remote thermostat.

The appliance is equipped with a ventilator.

USB Connectivity.

Weekly Schedule
You can set up a weekly schedule for the appliance to follow.

Remote Control
You can use the remote controller to control the appliance remotely.

WiFi Control
You can use your Android or iOS device to control the appliance remotely. (WiFi module sold remotely)

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Energy Class

Nominal Power (kW)