CUBO 700



Energy class A+
Ecodesign +
BlmSchV II +
Nominal power (kW) 8
Heating load range (kW) 4-10
Thermal efficiency (%) 85
Dust emission [g/m³] 0,023
CO emission by13% O2 (%) 0,0713
CO emission by13% O2 (g/m³) 0,891
Combustion gas temperature (°C) 170
Weight (kg) 114
Flue diameter (mm) 150
Air intake diameter (mm) 100
Dimensions (mm) 700x540x470
Glass dimensions (mm) 640×481
Maximum log lenght (mm) 350
Fuel Type seasoned wood of deciduous trees (beech, birch, hornbeam) with humidity of 12-20%
Material boiler of steel P265GH grade in accordance with EN 10088-2