ALAQS 68×43.LG-D



Energy class A+
Ecodesign +
BlmSchV II +
Heating load range (kW) 8-21
Possibility to install the fireplace inserts with warm accumulative casing NO
Glass dimensions (mm) 680 x 430 x 375
Nominal power (kW) 16
Water cycle heating power (kW) 5,7
Thermal efficiency (%) 82
CO emission by13% O2 (g/m³) 0,977
Dust emission [g/m³] 0,039
Min. active field of outlet vents (cm²) 1120-1280
Min. active field of inlet vents (cm²) 640-1040
Flue diameter (mm) 200
Air intake diameter (mm) 125
Weight (kg) 240
Fuel Type seasoned wood of deciduous trees (beech, birch, hornbeam) with humidity of 12-20%
Water jacket capacity (dm³) 38