The XXL vision.

  • High efficiency to save money: energy class A+ and efficiency of 80.8%, the wood stove will need less wood to heat your room
  • Vermiculite and steel: interior cladding made of steel and vermiculite (silicate family) that insulates, withstands extreme temperature conditions, and improves combustion and reduces CO2 and fine particle emissions
  • XXL format: its width of 99.1 cm can accommodate logs of 80 cm
  • Removable and accessible ashtray in operation
  • Triple combustion: burns the particles and gases contained in the fumes. It improves yield, saves wood and makes combustion cleaner
  • Range logs

Emi 100 caisson offers a sumptuous view of the flame, thanks to its width of 99.1 cm, and its screen-printed full glass façade. Arranged on a box to store logs, Emi 100 box can be fed with logs of 80 cm. An incomparable element of comfort and decoration.


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