Warm up in style. How to stay cold in front of Chloé’s superb line? A refined design where everything is thought for your well-being. A small footprint with a diameter of only 49 cm. A compact mineral insulating interior for performance that lasts. A vertical vision of the flames thanks to a glass diagonal of 71 cm. An ergonomic high handle to open the door without having to bend down and Total Control technology that allows you to adjust the power of your wood stove yourself according to your needs. Never seen before!

  • French: CHLOE is manufactured in our factory in Obernai in Alsace.
  • High efficiency to save money: energy class A and 80% efficiency, the wood stove will need less wood to heat your room.
  • Total Control technology: combustion control is carried out by 2 controls to manage separately the grid air (primary air) from the post-combustion air (secondary air) and the glass air. An ignition control that allows maximum intake of grid air to facilitate ignition and pace adjustment control.
  • Compact mineral: interior cladding in compact mineral vermiculite (silicate family), insulating, resistant to extreme temperature conditions, improves combustion and reduces CO2 and fine particle emissions.
  • Large vision: Diagonal of 71cm (28 inches). The vision of fire is important, it is thanks to it, that we feel the pleasure of being equipped with a wood stove. It offers a warmth incomparable to other energies and subdus the atmosphere of the living room.
  • Ergonomic handle: the handle is in height to facilitate its opening.
  • Clean glass system: slows down the fouling of the glazing. Developed by SUPRA, the “clean glass” system is based on the air circulation along the glass-ceramic glass (resistant to more than 800°C). The door frame channels along the glass an air gap that repels fumes. the glass stays clean longer. This air also brings extra oxygen into the flames and promotes clean combustion.
  • Ashtray accessible in operation
  • Removable deflectors: This is one of the most important parts of the wood stove. This element is used to direct the fumes towards the exhaust duct and contributes greatly to the efficiency of your wood heating system and prevents flames from directly licking the chimney duct. It can be removed to facilitate cleaning and sweeping.

This wood stove is waterproof, it is suitable for BBC (Low Consumption Building) houses meeting the RT2012.

It takes the air it needs for combustion outside the space where it operates (crawl space or outside).


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