Its wooden legs bring charm and authenticity, Udo offers a breath-taking view of the flame.

  • French cast iron: It is made from lamellar graphite cast iron (EN-GJL 150/200). These cast iron grades are particularly suitable for high temperatures as well as rapid temperature changes. It is made of thick parts that allow heat to accumulate and restore it longer by radiation. Furthermore, it is made from recycled materials
  • High efficiency to save money: energy class A and 77% efficiency, the wood stove will need less wood to heat your room
  • Total control: controlled air flows and perfect sealing for precise combustion management
  • XXLformat: size of logs up to 62 cm, reduces loading frequencies
  • Large flame vision: diagonal 60cm (24 inches)
  • Clean glass system: slows down the fouling of the glazing. Developed by SUPRA, the “clean glass” system is based on the air circulation along the glass-ceramic glass (resistant to more than 800°C). The door frame channels along the glass an air gap that repels fumes. the glass stays clean longer. This air also brings extra oxygen into the flames and promotes clean combustion.
  • Ashtray accessible in operation
  • Removable deflectors: This is one of the most important parts of the wood stove. This element is used to direct the fumes towards the exhaust duct and contributes greatly to the efficiency of your wood heating system and prevents flames from directly licking the chimney duct.

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