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A generous stove by nature which gives us access to all the pleasures of fire.


  • Cast iron  : It is made from lamellar graphite cast iron (EN-GJL 150/200). These cast iron qualities are particularly suitable for high temperatures and rapid temperature changes. It is made up of very thick parts allowing them to accumulate heat and release it longer by radiation. Furthermore, it is made from recycled materials
  • High efficiency to save money : energy class A and efficiency of 80.2%, the wood stove will need less wood to heat your room
  • Connectable to outside air
  • Generous format : Log size up to 49cm, reduces loading frequencies
  • Reduced bulk : integrated thermal protection for installation closer to the wall (50cm)
  • Clean glass system : slows down the fouling of the glass. Developed by SUPRA, the “clean glass” system is based on the circulation of air along the ceramic glass (resistant to over 800°C). The door frame channels a layer of air along the glass which repels smoke. the glass stays clean longer. This air also brings additional oxygen to the flames and promotes clean burning.
  • Ashtray accessible in operation and of large capacity
  • Removable deflectors : This is one of the most important parts of the wood stove. This element is used to direct the smoke towards the exhaust pipe and greatly contributes to the performance of your wood heating installation and prevents the flames from licking the chimney pipe directly.


This wood-burning stove is not airtight, it draws combustion air directly from the space in which it operates.

We recommend installing this wood stove in all homes, excluding BBC/RT2012 houses.

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